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  • The Global Economy [Infographic]

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  • The inflation in the world [Infographic]

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  • The World Economy in 2022 [Infographic]

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  • Investments, finance and advancements on European photovoltaic asset management market

    A news that is testament to the consolidation of the European photovoltaic market and the increased economies of scale required by large asset managers to provide value-for-money, high quality asset management services in the renewable energy space. In the past weeks, Amaranto Holding S.p.A. has successfully completed the acquisition of Silver Ridge Italy S.r.l., which […]

  • Wealth management in Italy: new opportunities for American and foreign investors

    Since its foundation in New York in 1887, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce has been devoted to fostering trade, tourism, investments and economic cooperation between Italy and the United States. Independent, private, not-for-profit US Corporation, this organization is affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America and with AssoCamereEstero, the association […]

  • FinTech in 2017 and beyond: a global overview

    The relationship between finance and technology has a real future: this type of innovation is about to disrupt the way people manage their money. The change is technological, cultural and economical at the same time. During these years, we are seeing the growth of the FinTech sector globally. But there are some differences because the […]

  • Some young Italians who are doing well in UK

    If you want to know some Italian entepreneurs and researchers (under 40) who are working well in the United Kingdom, there is the chance to attend the third edition of the Talented Young Italians Awards, in London. The event is organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK, in collaboration with […]

  • A winning idea and a conversation between two Italian entepreneurs abroad

    In the current business world, a winning idea is only the starting point: to get concrete results is a complex road: data, information, knowledge, insight, wisdom are required. A good opportunity to listen to italian entepreneurs living abroad is the conversation A Winning Idea: Sir Rocco Forte (chairman of Rocco Forte Hotels) and Riccardo Zacconi […]

  • Italians looking for job in London and in the UK: useful news

    If you think that getting a good job in London is easier than in Italy, you should think again. The job’s market in the United Kingdom is dynamic, but there aren’t chances to find a good job without real skills. An assistance can come from realiable recruitment agencies, and when it comes to find a […]

  • Italians, everywhere

    Poche settimane fa è stato pubblicato, sul New York Times, un articolo scritto da Marco Mancassola, autore e giornalista residente a Londra, dal titolo: Embracing the Other Italy. L’articolo propone una disamina del fenomeno dell’emigrazione italiana all’estero, soprattutto di quella delle generazioni più giovani. La parte finale del pezzo è, a mio avviso, la più […]

  • Food and business, in the italian way

    The great beauty of the italian food in renowned all over the world. It happens because the italian gastronomy is a unique mix among various culinary traditions, with a special mark on taste and aesthetics. Food, wine and drinks are an important part of Made in Italy, but they are not the only sectors in […]