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  • The new real estate venture of Casa Londra in Rome

    Casa Londra is a real estate consultancy company founded by Francesca Griffiths, Silvia Crippa and Valentina Fazzari, three property professionals with over twenty years of experience in London. The company offers a range of services for clients wishing to invest in London or choosing to move here for work or study. The consultancy services include […]

  • Investments, finance and advancements on European photovoltaic asset management market

    A news that is testament to the consolidation of the European photovoltaic market and the increased economies of scale required by large asset managers to provide value-for-money, high quality asset management services in the renewable energy space. In the past weeks, Amaranto Holding S.p.A. has successfully completed the acquisition of Silver Ridge Italy S.r.l., which […]

  • Start up italiane in Gran Bretagna: info utili

    L’incontro istituzionale di cui sopra (Roma, 27 ottobre 2015) è un evento utile per chi sta facendo start up nel Regno Unito e per chi ha intenzione di avviare una attività commerciale in UK. Oltre a questo incontro, ci sono anche altre realtà, basate a Londra, che si occupano del collegamento fra aziende italiane e […]

  • Business in the arab market? Why not

    When it comes to expand the business in the world, you think about the Far East, the United States, the United Kingdom. But there is a less-known area in which you can do business: the Middle East. The arab region can be an interesting land for entepreneurs and startuppers. And with the aim to explore […]

  • Planning cities of the future

    In the next years, the biggest cities of the world will become even bigger. In a 7 billions people's world, the urban planning is an important issue for the proper development of the large metropolitan areas on the Earth. And, among the creative disciplines, architecture and design are very involved in the construction of urban […]

  • An open coffee

    A global network with the aim to encourage entepreneurs, developers and investors. OpenCoffee Club establish open and regular meetings where entepreneurs can meet with investors, in an informal setting. The first meeting was been in London, in 2007. Now the network includes 83 cities around the world (in Italy: Milan and Rome). The founder is Saul […]