Europe and Young Journalists

What does european young journalists think about Europe's enlargement?

European Young Journalist Award can give a good reply. Until 31th may 2009, young journalists, freelancers and/or students, 17-35 aged, from the 27 European Union member states, the candidate and potential candidate countries to EU, can submit their articles.

The argument is so large and this themes can help to find a topic for the article:

  • 20 years from the removal of the Iron Curtain: has the integration with the Central and Eastern European Countries changed the face of Europe?
  • Five years after: the impact of the ten members that joined EU in 2004
  • Why is the European perspective crucial for the Western Balkans and Turkey?
  • New member states: good for the EU or good for the acceding country?
  • What does belonging to the EU mean for you/your country?

Entries should be or should have been published or aired between 2007 and 2009 and must be written in a journalistic style.

The competion rules: here.