The manufacturing, between a new renaissance and the 3D printing industry


Manufacturing? It's not over.

As a key driver of the economy in many countries, it represents a strategic area for monitoring the world economy. The industrial sector is an important indicator for the recovery and the manufacturing can benefit from innovation.

According to a recent paper by Procurian (a global market research firm with offices in U.S., China, India, Czech Republic, Brazil and Argentina), the U.S. manufacturing is facing opportunities and challenges. Among the drivers of american manufacturing resurgence, there are: the energy revolution driven by shale gas, narrowing wage gap between U.S. and the rest of the world, changing supply-chain strategy, rising shipping costs. Among the challenges, we can see: weak global economy, structural costs, political gridlock, skills gap.

On the other hand, the International Monetary Fund predicts higher global growth in 2014 but warns of risks (news on Reuters).

So what? The manufacturing remains a critical component of the global economy.

Scarica Paper 'The-manufacturing-renaissance-opportunities-and-challenges-facing-US-manufacturing' by

But nowadays the manufacturing sector can meet with the 3D printing industry. It could be a historic innovation for the industrial world. The 3D printing industry is in early days but it is quickly speeding up. Online, a specialized website on these issues is at, where you can find information on the industry of 3D printing and on its links to various sectors: aerospace, art&sculpture, consumers, entertainment, fashion, food, jewellery, medical&dental, transport, makers.

It will be interesting to see the developments in the world of manufacturing.