Internet of Things: connecting humans, technologies and businesses


Internet of things and cloud computing are two big roads for the future of the web.

But nowadays the human presence is important on the web, and the connection between humans and technologies is rapidly growing through digital devices such as smartphones and tablets.

And companies understand the potential of the internet of things? Not very.

According to an international report by global consulting firm Accenture in collaboration with The Economist-Intelligence Unit (2015), 73% of companies have yet to make any concrete investments in the Internet of Things.

Among the most significant obstacles to develop the internet of things: poor information and telecommunications infrastructure; poor access to capital; lack of customer demand; lack of government support; insufficient science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills in the workforce.

Companies and industries are starting to explore how the Internet of Things can generate operational efficiencies and new revenue streams, and the data of this report suggest that most executives want to follow the trend than lead it.

However, the Internet of Things will become an influential force because the connection among humans, technologies and businesses will become ever closer.

Report 2015 by Accenture and The Economist on Internet of Things.pdf