A way to invest on Italian small caps

Small companies are the real core of the Italian economy. These enterprises can be interesting investments on the stock market, but any investor must knows that there are risks: many of them have limited liquidity and high volatility.

The Italian stock market is difficult to understand for many international investors.

And in London, five italian financial experts have built The Made in Italy Fund, a fund exclusively focused on the Italian small caps: companies with a market capitalization under one billion euro. Within the fund, there is a selection of 30 Italian small companies.

The fund (launched in may 2016, currency: euro) is managed by Massimo Fuggetta, Livia Aliberti Amidani, Paolo Mevio, Gian Maurizio Argenziano, Giulio Antonello, through a long term perspective and a low turnover, following the principles of value investing (company’s intrinsic value, profitability, growth prospects).