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  • Business in the arab market? Why not

    When it comes to expand the business in the world, you think about the Far East, the United States, the United Kingdom. But there is a less-known area in which you can do business: the Middle East. The arab region can be an interesting land for entepreneurs and startuppers. And with the aim to explore […]

  • Food and business, in the italian way

    The great beauty of the italian food in renowned all over the world. It happens because the italian gastronomy is a unique mix among various culinary traditions, with a special mark on taste and aesthetics. Food, wine and drinks are an important part of Made in Italy, but they are not the only sectors in […]

  • World Innovation Summit

    Three days in Barcelona (17 – 19 june 2009) with innovators, experts and investors in three key sectors for the present and the future: telecom, cleantech and healthcare. The programme of the World Innovation Summit is here. Within the three days, there will be the Global Entepreneurship Competition 09: a competition in which entepreneurs from around […]

  • An open coffee

    A global network with the aim to encourage entepreneurs, developers and investors. OpenCoffee Club establish open and regular meetings where entepreneurs can meet with investors, in an informal setting. The first meeting was been in London, in 2007. Now the network includes 83 cities around the world (in Italy: Milan and Rome). The founder is Saul […]