Simplicity and Management of Life

Work-life balance

Today, our lives are more chaotic than ever. But the simplicity is a golden rule in many situations (and, obviously, simplicity does not mean banality).

Leo Babauta, a writer based in Guam (United States), knows this thinking. And he explain it through his blog: Zen Habits. Simple Productivity. The blog is among the most popular in the world and is uncopyrighted. The main themes are: simplicity, health&fitness, happiness, getting things done, productivity and organization, motivation and inspiration in lifetime. Babauta started his blog in 2007 and he's not a "guru", or a coach or a doctor or a billionaire. He has a past as a freelancer journalist, but he primarily is a regular person who has learned from life. Here is the beginner's guide to Zen Habits.

As a writer, Babauta wants to share his thoughts about writing. So, he created a second personal blog: Write to Done. Among the topics: journalism, blog writing, freelance writing, fiction, non-fiction, getting a book deal, the habit of writing.