A startup about market overviews and tech trends: in the cloud of Uniqloud


Nowadays, how much time do you spend to get information about market overviews and business trends? Time is always a precious resource and today you need an increasing amount of time to analyze all of the data.

Uniqloud is a London-based startup that delivers affordable and reliable technology industry overviews, through the selection of
the best resources publicly available
. Founded by Florian Bertele, Uniqloud crosses a range of data such as industry whitepapers, reports, corporate presentations, PR announcements, professional blogs. Currently, the topics are: big data, e-commerce, gamification, mobile, near field communication, e-payments, retail, social, tablets, analytics. For custom research into a specific topic: sales@uniqloud.com. The company is looking for an industry analyst (internship) and an information designer (internship).

FAQ: here.

The need to have a quick overview on a certain business sector is increasing, and a tool that can save time is an idea with a future.