Young Italian Scientists, in the United Arab Emirates

Among Middle East’s countries, United Arab Emirates has a population of 9.2 millions of people, with an internet penetration rate of 91,9%.

Three women lead three ministries for the future of this nation: Shamma al-Mazrui (Minister of Youth Affairs), Sheikna Lubna al Qasimi (Minister of Tolerance), Ohoud Al-Roumi (Minister of Happiness).

The government of the United Arab Emirates is also investing on research and education, with a particular focus on science and technology.

In Abu Dhabi (one of the two cities in the United Arab Emirates, the other is Dubai), there is the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology: it is a research and educational institution – connected to the MIT–Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Usa) – where scientists, from all over the world, are doing research on science and technology.

And within this institute, there are some young Italian scientists that are working on important researches about chemistry, renewable energies, innovative materials, engineering, climate, water, air, and other strategic fields for the environment.

In the video below, you can see these Italian voices while speaking (in Italian language, with subtitles in English) about their work at the Masdar Institute and life in Abu Dhabi.