Casa Londra also opens in Milan

Casa Londra is a real estate services firm established in London in 2009 by Francesca Griffiths, Silvia Crippa and Valentina Fazzari.

It offers real estate properties for those who need a home in London, from a stay of one week to a period of one year.

And Casa Londra is now opening in Milan, offering the same range of services available in London. From property finding and relocation to refurbishment, management and lettings, the service is mainly for people moving to Milan from London, or from other parts of the world, and for investors who would like to evaluate the opportunity to acquire a buy-to-let property in Milan.

Casa Londra also offers a selection of luxury villas and farmhouses in other italian regions, like Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria, exclusively for sale with Casa Londra.

The launch event will take place in Milan on Tuesday 22nd October 2019. The event will be hosted by Casa Londra’s partner Spotti Milano in their new showroom, address: Via Garofalo 31, 6.30 pm (Italian time). Reservations required at: