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  • E-Holidays Trends

    Data for US market.

  • The first Google Store

      Chrome Zone in the Google's first store – London, 2011. Other news in the big match between Google and Apple. This time, it's about a traditional form of retail in technology: the physical store. These two tech giants comes from United States and they are global brands in the digital industry. The iconic Apple […]

  • An overview on internet video marketing

    A web place for video search engine optimization and online video marketing. It's ReelSEO, an online video guide for marketers. The company was founded in 2008, in Los Angeles, by Mark Robertson and it offers news, advice and guidance about the world of online video. The focuses are on: internet video marketing, video advertising, SEO – […]

  • Online video contents, between marketing and business model

    A global case-history, from Canada. WatchMojo.com, based in Montreal, is a producer, publisher and syndicator of video content for broadband platforms, web, wireless and out-of-home digital video markets. It produces original and premium video programming across various categories: automotive, business, education, fashion, film, food, health, music, parenting, politics&economy, space, sports, science, technology, travel, videogame. Which […]