The first Google Store


Google first store in London, september 2011

Chrome Zone in the Google's first store – London, 2011.

Other news in the big match between Google and Apple. This time, it's about a traditional form of retail in technology: the physical store.

These two tech giants comes from United States and they are global brands in the digital industry.

The iconic Apple Stores in the world are a fascinating place for everyone who loves innovation and technology. One of the most popular Apple Stores is in London (Regent Street) and it is going to open the first Apple Store in Hong Kong.

But worldwide there is a Google Store? Now, in a certain way, we can say "yes". A few weeks ago, Google's first store opened in London (Tottenham Court Road, within PC World) and it should be noted as a major american brand like Google has decided to open its first store in Europe. News on London Evening Standard.

At the time, this is an experiment and the 285 sqft pop-up "shop within a shop" will run until Christmas and it will only sell Google's Chromebook laptop and some accessories, in a particular area called Chrome Zone. If the experiment will be successful, Google could open stores around the word and already there are plans to do so.

Google's expansion in the retail is part of a broader corporate strategy to have a significant presence in London, where Google already employs about 1,500 people.

Big G has also signed an agreement for a building in East London, where it will help to develop new London-based technology start ups, as part of  the UK government-backed expansion of the Silicon Roundabout Area.

Will the Google's retail strategy get success? Will a Google Store be a "special" place as Apple Stores?

Time, people and market will give the answer.