Humans and artificial intelligence, in the board of directors

Birth of Artificial Intelligence - Binary Burst

It was a matter of time.

The artificial intelligence now sits on a board of directors.

As reported on, the Hong Kong-based venture capital firm Deep Knowledge Ventures has just appointed an algorithm to its board of directors. The program, called VITAL and developed by UK-based Aging Analytics, will help board members about investments decisions: Deep Knowledge Ventures focuses on companies specializing in biotechnology, regenerative medicine, oncology, drug discovery, bioinformatics and personalized medicine. The senior partners of Deep Knowledge Ventures seem happy to have a computer program with them in the work meetings: they say that the intuition of the human investors together with machine’s logic allows to minimize mistakes and to make better investment decisions.

Can the union of humans and artificial intelligence be the best tool to make decisions? It’s difficult to say because the contexts can be very different. Surely in the contemporary world there is a large amount of data in many fields and a technological “help” can be useful in some situations.

Will win the human brain or the machine? Will there be a balance each other?