Italians looking for job in London and in the UK: useful news

If you think that getting a good job in London is easier than in Italy, you should think again. The job’s market in the United Kingdom is dynamic, but there aren’t chances to find a good job without real skills.

An assistance can come from realiable recruitment agencies, and when it comes to find a good one, the search can become very difficult.

During these years, an increasing number of italians is relocating in the United Kingdom (especially in London) for work reasons. And for the british companies looking for italian speaking candidates, there is often the problem to select the right person for a certain job.

A recruitment agency specialising in italian speaking candidates for the UK companies is the London-based CV & Coffee, established in 2012 as a career advice and training company.

Teresa Pastena, CV&Coffee’s founder and managing director, says: “We have built an important archive of talented and qualified italian candidates, and we cover multiple sectors, just to name a few: customer care, marketing, legal, communications, events. We are italian, and this fact helps to understand the clients’ needs and the candidates’ profiles in a better way, and we obviously select italian candidates who speak fluent english. Our candidates represent a real resource for our clients, not only for their technical and language skills but also for the international background they can bring to the company. We work towards clients’ goals, offering our services for temporary and permanent positions, from junior to executive levels“.