Analyzing Italian TV series produced for a global audience

The third joint conference of the AAIS-American Association for Italian Studies and of the AATI-American Association of Teachers of Italian will take place on March 26-28, 2020, at the University of Arizona, in Tucson (Arizona).

Main areas of interest: African and African American studies, anthropology, art, architecture, classics, comparative studies, environmental studies, film and media, geography, history, Italian American/Italian Diaspora studies, linguistics, music, queer studies, theater, gender studies.

Whitin the conference, there will be a panel on Transnational Television, Italian Style.

This panel is seeking contributions that analyze Italian TV series produced for a global audience, as well as transnational co-productions, with the goal of discussing Italian serial drama in its global positioning and in its nationalistic investments, identifying its national aesthetics and its political dependencies, its loci of assimilation and its forms of rebellion against dominant paradigms dictated by the North American industry.

Papers analyzing Sky co-productions (e.g. The Young Pope and Il Miracolo), Netflix Originals (e.g. Suburra and Baby), and RAI co-productions (e. g. My Brilliant Friend, I Medici and The Name of the Rose) are welcome.

To participate to this panel, it is mandatory to send an abstract (150-200 words), a brief bio, and A/V requests by December 1st, 2019, to Giancarlo Lombardi (professor of Italian, French and Comparative Literature at CUNY-City University of New York, College of Staten Island, Graduate Center), e-mail: